Associates of the Sisters of Bon Secours

Meet Barbara Dempsey

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Barbara Dempsey

Meet Barbara Dempsey, Bon Secours Associate

I grew up in an extended family with a Grandad who took care of so many friends and neighbors, family, and anyone in need, taking them grocery shopping or putting up Christmas lights. I always accompanied him and learned from an early age to love and care for others.  So it was a natural progression to make Social Work my career.  But The Lord had another path for me to take first. He provided my husband and I with a son born with Cystic Fibrosis, spending many months in Children’s hospital, surviving surgeries at  weight of 3 lbs. But when there was nothing left to do but wait for the Lord’s will to be done, he began to thrive. Months later he came home, and now continues on, living with CF, at the age of 35.  Truly a miracle!  I have learned so much from his courage and persistence on enjoying each day and giving The Lord the glory.


I continued to follow the Lord’s plan and became a social worker for social service agencies and nursing homes. I always felt I was doing exactly what the Lord wanted me to do and where He wanted me to do it. Prior to retiring, I was a Client Advocate for Coastal Catholic Charities in Charleston, S.C. I was working part time and felt I had enough time to apply for an Internship at Bon Secours St. Francis hospital in Clinical Pastoral Education.  Once again I was blessed to do the Lord’s work in a hospital setting, bringing His comfort to the sick and their families.  When my internship ended I retired from Catholic Charities and questioned what I was to do next.  As it turned out, a friend and colleague, Kathryn Harrison, who I had worked with at Catholic Charities and again and the hospital, told me about the Bon Secours Associate Program.  I knew immediately that  was for me.  I am now enjoying retirement, appreciating the time The Lord has given me to spend with family and friends, and being an Associate of the Sisters of Bon Secours.  I have been so blessed!

We are called by God and sent by the Church to reproduce in ourselves:
Christ healing... Christ consoling... Christ always aware of the needs of others.